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The future of affordable residential solar photovoltaic has arrived. It’s now easier and more cost-effective than ever to have solar PV installed on your home.

We Are Hawaii’s Trusted Solar Contractor

With over 50 years of combined work experience in the field and industry recognition for excellence, our residential PV company has the skills and high quality products and equipment to get your installation done right and according to your family’s energy needs.

Why Is Solar Energy Important

Good For Environment

Solar Power is a clean, renewable energy source that can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

Increased Property Value

Investing in solar power can increase the value of commercial properties, making them more attractive to potential buyers and tenants.

Energy Independence

By installing solar panels, businesses can generate their electricity, which can provide them with energy independence and shield them from fluctuations in energy prices.

Cost savings

Solar energy can provide significant cost savings for homes and businesses by decreasing their monthly electricity bills and lowering their dependence on traditional energy sources.

Our Projects

“They understood exactly where I want the systems to be installed. The installation took a day and a half… Overall I was happy or satisfied with PV Tech. And I am a very happy person every time I get my HECO bill. I would recommend PV system to everybody.”

– Maxine K.

“After talking with five other solar companies and all of them trying to sell me more than I needed, a friend told me to call PV Tech and talk to Sid. They didn’t try to sell me more than what I needed and they did all the legwork to get my paperwork done so I could get it installed on my roof in a timely time frame. I am totally happy with the 18 panels that I have and am making extra electric power to carry me into the winter months. Mahalo and yes, I would recommend you to my friends.”

– Douglass G.

What our clients have to say

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